Are you continuously fire fighting and unable to focus on business growth?

Does this sound familiar to you? Your whole day goes in solving problems - operational or
customer related - and in working out financial issues. Your business cannot run without you. If
you go away for a week, what will happen to your business? 

How do you handle firefighting? And how do you grow your business if you spent all your time

Here are some tips from India’s leading Business Coach, Christopher C. Doyle, on how you can
free yourself from operations and firefighting and start focusing on growth. Christopher has been 
working with small business owners (under 3 crores to 50 crores turnover) since 2010 and all his
clients put together added an amazing Rs. 3000 crores to their business revenue by following his 
growth strategies for small business owners.

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Christopher recommends that you implement a 3 part method that will give you freedom from 
operations, from routing work and from firefighti…